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Éric Legrand, Father of his wines

The wonderful duality of Champagne Éric Legrand can be heard in the simple pronunciation of his name. The "Éric" of his first name is, above all, a man, a winemaker, an epicure of wines. In his cellars, he develops his own unique brands. "Legrand", his last name, connects him to his family, his bloodlines. Son of an Aubois wine maker, he inherited not only the vineyards but also a love of their culture and was successful in building up a 12 hectare terroir that today allows free rein to his "sparkling" skills. In a house built in an avant-garde architectural style, in the village of Celles-sur-Ource, Éric Le Grand and his wife Laurence and their two sons, Valentin and Édouard, welcome the connoisseurs of their wines and create fine champagnes. Édouard, joining his father in 2012, shares in his passionate quest. He contributes his artistic sensitivity and, with Éric, continues the quest for the varieties of yesteryear while always looking into new opportunities ...

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