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A meticulous knowledge of wine

The role of Nature is undeniably central to Éric Legrand's quest. The viticultural knowledge of this master winemaker led him to adopt a cyclical system for his work in the vineyard. The plants he has planted for expansion of his vineyards are themselves from the best vineyards of his establishment.

His vines are his biggest sources of inspiration: 35 % Chardonnay, 50 % Pinot Noir, 10 % Pinot Blanc and 5 % Meunier, the wines derive their flavors from the clay-limestone soils of the Côte des Bars. His vineyards are on south and south-east facing slopes that are lulled by the nurturing rays of the sun from morning until late afternoon. Éric Legrand practices a qualitative, well thought out and, above all, non-systemic viticulture.

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